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Your New Favorite Membership is HERE!

If you're a small business owner looking to join a membership program that boosts your SEO, maintains your website aesthetic and functions, manages your email marketing and provides exclusive discounts and early alerts to new features then you have found THE ONE. Here is what you get inside this Maintenance Membership:

1. **Priority Support:**

  Guaranteed faster response times for support queries.

2. **Early Access to Features:**

   Members get exclusive early access to new design features.

3. **Discounted Rates for Additional Services:**

   Members receive discounts on additional design services, such as redesigns, branding packages or customizations. As well as all coaching packages and workshops!

4. **SEO Management:**

   Along with your FREE monthly audit we will also do all of the work required to fix the technological fallbacks on your website while increasing your keywords, searchability and SEO results.

5. **Email Marketing Updates and Website Maintenance:**

   - Members receive monthly email campaign updates and maintenance to keep their email list fresh and thriving. We will also change your website graphics each month to highlight a new sale, product launch or added feature!